Current Lab Members

Corrado Sinigaglia is a Full Professor of Philosophy of Science. His main interest is to explore the role of motor processes and representations in perception, cognition and everyday social interaction.
John Michael is philosopher and cognitive scientist who works on a broad array of topics relating to social cognition and social interaction. Most recently, he has concluded a large-scale ERC project investigating the sense of commitment in joint action.
Guido Barchiesi is a Researcher. He is interested in studying the relationship between motor stimulation and motor control or “why don’t we imitate all the time when observing other’s actions”. He is an expert in TMS and Electro/Magnetoencephalography.
Maria Teresa Pascarelli is a Post-Doc Researcher working in the field of Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience. Her interests range from the study of brain physiology of quiet vigilance to the motor processes underlying the brain mechanisms of action and perception.
Martina Fanghella is a Post-Doc Researcher with a PhD in psychology and social neuroscience. She is interested in investigating the plasticity of somatic representation during interpersonal interaction via EEG, TMS and behavioural measures.

Current collaborators

M. Bortoletto – Neurophysiology Lab – Brescia
L. Cattaneo, University of Trento- Trento
A.Celeghin, University of Turin – Turin
M. Costantini, University of Chieti-Pescara-Chieti
M. Rabuffetti, Fondazione Don Gnocchi- Milan
G. Riva, University of Milan – Milan
S. Parmigiani, University of Milan – Milan
M. Tamietto, University of Turin-Turin



Davide Quarona is a post-doc researcher. He has a master degree in Cognitive Science and a PhD in Bioengineering, Robotics and Cognitive Science. His main interest is to investigate motor representations in joint action, object perception and action understanding via kinematics and neural techniques.

Master students

G. Pontonio, C. Fattori, D. Petronio, M. Raffuzzi, G.Caccialupi, L. Teresi