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Bachelor/ Master Thesis

If you are interested in one of our current research project, we will set up a meeting in order to discuss your idea about your thesis.

​Your thesis will be experimental, so we ask you to be avaiable for at least 6 months in order to perform one or more experiments,

​You will be involved in all the research phase of your project: planning, subjects’ reclutement, data recording, data analysis.

You will learn basics in one of the following techniques:

– behavioural technique, such as Matlab and E-prime scripting in order to build an experiment and/or eye traking system for eye movement recording,

– kinematic opto-electronic technique for movement recording (SMART technology),

– Transcranic Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for neuro-stimulation experiments, 

– Electroenchephalography (EEG) for passive brain signals recording,

– Electromiography (EMG) for dynamics movement recording.

Write to to set up a meeting or for further details.